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Who is behind blockhive?

Based in Estonia with roots in Japan, our team has a diverse and multicultural background. We are located over two continents in cities including Tallinn, Tokyo, and Ho Chi Minh City.


(in alphabetical order)

Kazuteru Arimura
Co-Founder, Management Lead

Kazuteru has more than seven years of experience in private equity, hedge funds and venture capital where he has analyzed investment targets for several funds. He brings his financial expertise and management skills to the role of finance and investment lead at blockhive and e-Best Ventures.

#Finance #Management #CPA
Hikaru Kusaka
Co-Founder, Business Design and Strategy Lead

Hikaru has provided strategic advice to both the public and private as an expert on blockchain technologies. In light of the short history of the blockchain, Hikaru’s in-depth knowledge of the industry is invaluable. He founded Estonia-based blockhive to apply his knowledge on a wider scale. Hikaru is an advisor of the Review Committee of the Estonian government.

#Blockchain #Business Design #Advisor
So Nagasawa
Co-Founder, Technology Lead of Asia Pacific

So developed a social capital data structure that evaluated credibility valuation system in 2012. Since 2013, So has developed a number of trading systems using a wide range of blockchains including Ripple, Stellar, Ethereum. He is the technical lead of blockhive, and he oversees a blockchain research lab in Vietnam.

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(in alphabetical order)

Yinghan Huang
Lead Designer

Yinghan specializes in user interface and user experience design, as well as front-end web development. She has more than five years of experience in client relationship management and accounting.

#Web Design #UI/UX #Frontend
Kenji Iwase
Full Stack Engineer

Kenji is a developer with more than three years of experience. His main responsibilities include implementing the server side and the frontend side, which makes him a well rounded full stack engineer.

#Dapps #System Development
Su Long Ly
UI/UX Designer

Su Long has more than five years of experience in web design and software development at companies including one of the most popular design studios in Montreal, Canada. Sulong specializes in UI/UX design after years of experience in illustrating for international fashion brands.

#Web Design #UI/UX
Stan Martin
Full Stack Engineer

Stan is a full stack engineer that is specialized in client-server systems. He has more than 8 years experience in software engineering using multiple development languages and platforms.

#Full Stack #System Development #Dapps
Vitaly Migunov
Software Engineer, Decentralized Application Specialist

Vitaly is a full stack developer with more than eight years of experience. His specialty is in building digital infrastructure systems, blockchain, token design and initial coin offering systems.

#Dapps #System Development #Infrastructure
Makoto Mikuni
Head of Operations

Makoto has ten years of experience in the technology sector in Japan. Over the past five years, he has accumulated various experience ranging from sales and marketing, to business management working at Gunosy Inc., a mobile content curation company. He also played a significant role in taking the company public.

#Management #Business Development
Ragnar Reindoff
Business Integration Specialist

Prior to joining blockhive, he has accumulated more than five years of experience as a project manager in advertising. Before that, he worked as a designer, creating company logos and billboard signs, as well as visuals for television and events.

#Project Management #Design #Business Development
Pavel Ruban
Finance Lead

Pavel has more than eight years of experience in different fields of finance, including audit, corporate finance, M&A and private equity asset management. He is also a CFA charterholder.

#Finance #Management #CFA
Kota Alex Saito
Business Development Lead

Alex has a background in consulting and business development. Prior to joining blockhive, he worked for Veriff as a business development analyst and contributed in defining the whole company strategy. He also works for the e-Residency team as an official writer and for Forbes Japan as an official columnist.

#Business Development #Project Management #Consulting


(in alphabetical order)

Junichi Arimura
Executive Advisor

As former President and Chief Executive Officer of Nikko Cordial Corp., now known as SMBC Nikko Securities Inc., he has an extensive network in Japan’s financial sector through his more than three decades of experience in securities trading and finance.

#Finance #Management #Network
Hermes Brambat
Board Member @Nordcoin Mining

Hermes is a founding member of the Estonian Cryptocurrency Foundation and has been a professional cryptocurrency trader and miner since 2012. He is responsible for organising the building process of NordCoin Mining’s MMCs and long-term fund management strategies.

Heikki Laidma
Advisor @Nordcoin Mining

Fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies enthusiast/entrepreneur with years of working experience on high and mid level management positions in financial, aumotive, oil&chemicals and power production industry.

Margus Poola
Legal Counselor @e-Best Ventures, Finance & Development @Agrello, Oblicity

Margus is Chief Financial Officer at Agrello. His expertise lies in a combination of private law and coding, as well as finance and accounting.

#Private Law Accounting
Hando Rand
Legal Advisor, Project Lead @Agrello

Hando is a founder and project lead at Agrello where he oversees strategy and coordinates public relations. Hando’s passion in bringing law and technology together as a legal researcher at Tallinn University of Technology inspired him to gather a team that would realize Agrello’s vision.

#Smart Contract #A.I. #Strategy
Addi Rull
Sales & Development @Agrello

Addi is a lawyer with expertise in data protection and intellectual property valuation. His specialties include technologies that focus on smart contracts and applied A.I.. He is the editor of The Future of Law and eTechnologies" that presents groundbreaking discussions on topics such as e-residency and cryptocurrencies."

#Smart Contract #Cryptocurrencies #A.I.
Teddi Rull
Legal Counselor @e-Best Ventures, Sales & Development @Agrello, Oblicity

Teddi co-founded Valtech OÜ, a product research and development company that finds technical solutions for its clients. As a former lawyer at White & Case international law firm, he specialized in mergers and acquisitions, antitrust and intellectual property cases.

#M&A #Intellectual Property
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