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What is blockhive and
how it will affect the world?

blockhive is a technology company based in Tallinn, Estonia. blockhive collaborates with partners and develops blockchain strategy and technology solutions with them. Its four main businesses include a digital wallet, a cryptocurrency mining facility, a venture capital fund that invests in blockchain projects, and a new crowdfunding solution built based on ethereum. We expect to expand further as we collaborate with more partners.


blockhive bridging the gap

Our mission is to bring users a step closer to the adaptation of the blockchain technology, bridging the gap between the present and the future.

With years of experience in developing blockchain solutions for corporations, blockhive seeks to use its knowledge and expertise to help companies jump-start their next stage of growth.

One vision:
To make blockchain practical for everyone.


What makes blockhive unique

An expanding number of companies understand that the potential of blockchain technologies but are not sure where to start. That is where blockhive comes in. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the blockchain space.

blockhive seeks to add value by helping companies select the best strategy to integrate blockchain into their business.

That's because our past makes us who we are today…

blockhive was established in 2017 in Estonia by blockchain veterans and enthusiasts. Five years before that, So Nagasawa and Hikaru Kusaka had formed Spread Inc., a Tokyo-based software company. They started developing a social capital data structure that measures credibility using blockchain in 2013.

That was followed by the development of a number of trading systems using decentralized technologies including Ripple, Stellar, and Ethereum. By 2017, they decided to build a new company in Estonia and invited Kazuteru Arimura who specializes in finance to join them in this new journey.

Why blockhive is using blockchain?

The next era of business means transferring the hierarchy of control from a single governing force and placing it in the hands of capable individuals. Blockchain empowers the individual to seize control of their data, identify, information, value, and much more by eliminating unnecessary third party actors and placing it in secured data storage structures.

blockhive uses blockchain to empower individuals by breaking barriers of standard business and investing structures today and opens the door to opportunities that were not possible with past business models. Look into our business models to explore how we use blockchain in each platforms.

Transfer of value without boundaries

Data Transparency

Empowering Individuals by becoming data sovereign owners

Accelerate location-independent opportunity


The most advanced digital society in the World

blockhive chose Estonia as its home after seeing how the nation has successfully brought decentralized technology into the everyday lives of its citizens. Estonia has also implemented policies that are business friendly, with regulatory reform that focuses on market openness and transparency.

Visit e-estonia.com to learn more information.

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