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Our Projects
Our Projects

Eesti Mining

Mining Firm by Renewable Energy at PAKRI Smart Industrial City

  • Mining
  • Pakri
  • Renewable Energy

blockhive started cryptocurrency mining in October 2017 at the PAKRI Science and Industrial City, a facility in Estonia that sources its electricity from renewable power and employs a smart grid. The cost of electricity in the country is one of the cheapest in Europe. The lower cost base and the country's colder climate make Estonia the perfect place to set up cryptocurrency mining facilities.

e-Best Ventures

One of the First Government-Approved Venture Capital Firms Supporting the Token Economy

  • Ethereum
  • Venture Capital
  • ICO

e-Best is among the first government-approved venture capital firms with the mandate to invest in the private stage of ICOs. It is registered under the Estonian Commercial Code as a manager of a private alternative investment fund.


A New Cryptocurrency Experience with Easy and Secure Features

  • Cryptocurrency
  • eResidencyID
  • Mining

eesty is a digital smart-wallet that enables you to earn cryptocurrencies while managing all of your digital assets with ease. You can hold, send and receive cryptocurrencies and earn loyalty points called ESTY tokens every time a transaction is completed such as sending cryptocurrencies with the app. Accumulation of ESTY tokens allows users to purchase hash power from our mining facilities.


A new fundraising platform across borders

  • ILP
  • Ethereum
  • Smart-contract

Tokenote provides a new way for organizations to raise debt. After the loan agreement is signed digitally, creditors are given tokens called Future Loan Access Tokens (FLAT) that enable them to trade to others the right to sign the loans with the borrowers.



Legally Binding Smart Contracts Powered by A.I.

  • Legally-binding
  • Smart-contract
  • Ethereum
  • A.I.

Agrello is an Estonia-based blockchain startup that builds legally-binding smart agreements. Its smart contracts are stored on blockchain and users are guided by artificial intelligence agents that serve the needs of users.

Aisii OÜ

Social Robots AI Data Exchange and Monetization Platform Powered by Token Economy

  • A.I.
  • smartcontract
  • token economy

Aisii aims to provide a new experience in computer communication that enables a conversation with any existence one wishes to chat with by specialised recognition-model AI.their proven technology in this area is redesigned to be a new open platform powered by blockchain and token economy.

Fintech Global Inc

A Tokyo Stock Exchange-Listed Boutique Investment Bank

  • Investment Bank
  • e-Best Ventures
  • Fund

Fintech and blockhive work together on bringing ideas and potential investment targets to e-Best. Fintech’s expertise is essential for each stage of investment such as deal-sourcing, due diligence, and valuation.

Fujinet Systems

A software developer based in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Software
  • Blockchain
  • Distributed ledger

The software developer signed an agreement with blockhive in August to collaborate on researching blockchain technology and creating ledger distribution applications. The two partners seek to build applications and become pioneers of technological analysis. Fujinet, established in 2000 with about 600 engineers, is one of Vietnam’s top-ten technology firms.


IT Solution Provider for Banks

  • Banking System

Estonia-based Icefire, founded by former IT managers of Swedbank, develops information technology solutions such as payment systems for banks and other companies. Their clients include Swedbank, LHV Bank, and Skype. blockhive will provide blockchain technology for Icefire’s clients so that they can consolidate their transactions onto the blockchain.


Artificial Intelligence in Natural Language Processing and Understanding

  • NLP
  • NLU
  • A.I.

Artificial Intelligence in Natural Language Processing and Understanding. The natural language processing and understanding technology will bring the future of communication to the modern world. The technology is set to change the way information is delivered in the years to come. Utilizing IMAY’s technology, blockhive plans to launch a communication project going forward.

NordCoin Mining OÜ

A Producer Specializing in Portable Mining Containers

  • mining
  • cryptocurrency
  • portable

NordCoin Mining OÜ, based in Estonia, turns containers into portable mining facilities which are called Mobile Mining Cluster (MMC). MMC has everything that is needed in place for cryptocurrency mining.


Law Made Simple

  • Legal
  • ICO

Estonia-based Oblicity is a law firm that specializes in legal issues around initial coin offerings. Working together with Oblicity, we plan to offer solutions to the legal challenges of token structures in the ways that best fit the client’s business model while meeting the requirements of local jurisdictions.

PAKRI Science&Industrial Park

Cryptocurrency Mining Operation that Uses Renewable Energy

  • Pakri
  • Renewable Energy

blockhive started cryptocurrency mining in Oct 2017 at the PAKRI Science and Industrial City, a facility in Estonia that sources its electricity from renewable power and employs a smart grid.


A Bank That Puts Control of Finances in The Hands of Clients

  • Banking
  • Depository
  • Cryptocurrencies

Paybe plans to build a regulated payment institution that combines traditional banking with crypto functionality. It is set to be one of first companies to use ILP to raise capitals.



Estonian Chamber of Crypto Financing

blockhive founders have become a member of ECCF, a non-profit organization whose goal is to encourage Estonia’s economic development by introducing appropriate legislation for firms engaging in ICOs.

F&B Blockchain Lab.

Joint Research Project with Vietnam's Top Technology Firm

Fujinet Systems, a Ho Chi Minh City-based software developer, and blockhive established a decentralization lab focusing on research of blockchain technology and development of ledger distribution applications. Through this partnership, the two companies seek to build new applications and become a pioneer in technological analyses. Fujinet, established in 2000 with about 600 engineers, is one of Vietnam's top ten leading technology firms.


City of Paldiski

Paldiski Mayor Extended Support

Tiit Peedu, the mayor of the seaside town 40 kilometers from Tallinn, met with Hikaru and Kazuteru on October 10th, 2017 and agreed to extend his support for blockhive’s mining project in Pakri.

e-Residency Estonia

A New Digital Nation for Global Citizens

The team behind the world’s first government-issued digital ID has extended its support for blockhive’s eesty digital wallet that enables users to earn points for mining in Estonia.