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What is blockhive and
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blockhive is a technology company based in Tallinn, Estonia and Tokyo, Japan. blockhive works with both public and private sector partners to develop blockchain and digital ID technology solutions with partners. Our experience in Estonia and Japan has made us very unique and today we have established our position as a digital ID and blockchain specialists.


To make zero trust cost digital society

Digitalisation of society has significantly increased cost of trust between people. Technology allows online interaction which provides efficiency and new opportunities, while at the same time creating trust risks and costs to mitigate them. It is needed to enhance the digital society and lower the trust costs, so people can focus on their core activities which are actually important and create value for them.

A digital society where we can trust someone with lower trust costs enables us to save the costs of time and money while in tons of business chance.

Why blockhive is using blockchain & digital ID?

The next era of digital society means guarantee of fair transparency without relying on trusted party by zero-trust technology and digital ID. Transferring the hierarchy of control from a single governing force and placing it in the hands of capable individuals. Blockchain and digital ID empowers the individual to seize control of their data, identify, information, value, and much more by eliminating unnecessary third party actors and placing it in secured data storage structures.

blockhive uses blockchain and digital ID to empower individuals by breaking barriers of standard business and investing structures today and opens the door to opportunities that were not possible with past business models.

Transfer of value without boundaries

Data Transparency

Empowering Individuals by becoming data sovereign owners

Accelerate location-independent opportunity


The most advanced digital society in the World

blockhive chose Estonia as its home after seeing how the nation has successfully brought decentralized technology and digital ID into the everyday lives of its citizens. Estonia has also implemented policies that are business friendly, with regulatory reform that focuses on market openness and transparency.

Visit e-estonia.com to learn more information.

Company Profile

Company Name:

blockhive, Inc.


Tokyo Office:

2-14-13 Tokyu-fudosan Akasaka bldg 6 floor, Nagatacho Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, Japan

Estonia Office:

Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tina tn 9, 10126, Estonia



Team Members:

28 members (in total)

Group companies:

SetGo Estonia OÜ , Blockhive Vietnam JSC.

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