About Us

Our strength lies in the ability to share new technologies and ideas with compassion while creating value through collaboration.

What Is blockhive?

blockhive is a platform that incubates projects that have the potential to benefit from blockchain technology. We also create practical and innovative solutions for traditional companies in the form of partnership, helping them unlock new markets and untapped opportunities as part of our ambition to create a win-win outcome.

Like bees in a beehive, we have created a collaborative platform where each participant can work together and thrive in this digital ecosystem using blockchain.

What We Do

We help create a borderless digital society where collaboration brings success for all.


Developing blockchain-based business models and services for companies in different sectors


Creating a standard for fundraising by using blockchain technology

Digital Identification

Developing a trusting and transparent digital society by utilizing digital identification like e-Residency ID


Tokenizing and digitalizing properties, assets and money

Our Vision

We believe that blockchain technology has the huge potential to improve people’s lives through innovative business models, services, applications, tools and systems that were unimaginable before.

Regulation and Innovation Must Go
Hand in Hand

Blockchain is a tool that can benefit society and improve our living standards. As we expand the way we utilize blockchain technology for companies in various industries, blockhive seeks to lead the way by working with regulatory authorities and addressing any concerns.

Democratizing Wealth Creation

Blockchain has the potential to tackle social inequality through its decentralized technology. It enables values to be exchanged and even pre-distributed based on a new layer of trust. With that vision in mind, blockhive will focus on building products and services that enhance the lives of individuals.

Why Estonia?

Estonia has emerged as a leader in information technology in just two decades following the restoration of its independence. Through e-government, e-residency, and digital signature, the country is a frontrunner in the race to a paperless society. blockhive chose Estonia as its home after seeing how the country has successfully brought blockchain technology into the everyday lives of its citizens. Estonia has also implemented policies that are business friendly, with regulatory reform that focuses on market openness and transparency. As timing is crucial in today’s rapidly changing environment, blockhive decided to be in a place where the support and infrastructure needed to encourage innovation are deep-rooted.

The first government-issued digital identification that is available to anyone in the world

E-Residency, introduced by the Republic of Estonia, is a government-issued digital identification system that is available to anyone in the world. The ID, the first of its kind, provides the flexibility to easily start and run a global business as part of the Estonian government’s plan to create a new digital nation for global citizens.

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Through blockhive’s ecosystem, more people are joining the e-Residency community