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About Us

blockhive creates practical and innovative solutions for businesses in the form of partnership, helping them unlock new markets and untapped opportunities as part of our ambition to create a win-win outcome. We also incubate projects that have the potential to benefit from blockchain technology.

Ho Chi Minh

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Our Home by Choice

We chose to be based in Estonia after seeing how the country has successfully brought blockchain technology into the everyday lives of its citizens.

E-Residency, introduced by the Republic of Estonia, is a government-issued digital identification system that is available to anyone in the world. The ID, the first of its kind, provides the flexibility to easily start and run a global business as part of the Estonian government’s plan to create a new digital nation for global citizens.


A collaborative platform where each participant comes together like bees in a beehive. By joining forces, every partner in this digital ecosystem thrives.

Sulong Ly

UI/UX Designer

  • Web Design
  • UI/UX

Su Long has more than five years of experience in web design and software development at companies including one of the most popular design studios in Montreal. He has illustrated for international fashion brands and is now specialized in UI/UX design.

Kazuteru Arimura

Co-Founder, Finance and Management Lead

  • Finance
  • Management
  • CPA

Kazuteru has more than seven years of experience in private equity, hedge funds and venture capital where he analyzed investment targets for several funds. He brings his financial expertise and management skills to the role of finance and investment lead at blockhive and e-Best Ventures.

So Nagasawa

Co-Founder, Technology Lead of Asia Pacific

  • Dapps
  • Development
  • Blockchain

So co-founded Spreadi Inc. with Hikaru and they built a cryptocurrency foundation system which utilizes consensus protocols of in 2015. He oversees a joint research project with Fujinet System, Vietnam's top IT firm, on decentralization system infrastructure including Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).

Ragnar Reindoff

Business Integration Specialist

  • Project management
  • Design

Ragnar has more than five years of experience as a project manager in advertising. Before that, he worked as a designer, creating company logos and billboard signs, as well as visuals for television and events.

Kathleen Chu

Digital Content, PR and Marketing Lead

  • PR
  • Marketing

Kathleen has more than a decade of experience in media, finance and management as a reporter and deputy bureau chief at Bloomberg Tokyo. Her specialties include content creation, management, community engagement, external and internal communication.

Hikaru Kusaka

Co-Founder, Business Design and Strategy Lead

  • Blockchain
  • Business Design

Hikaru is an expert in blockchain technology and a former technology advisor to the Japanese government. He co-founded Tokyo-based Spreadi Inc., a software development company in 2012. His team has developed strategies for more than 50 companies including banks and A.I. companies.

Yinghan Huang

Lead Designer

  • Web Design
  • UI/UX
  • Client Relations

Yinghan specializes in user interface and user experience design, as well as front-end web development. She has more than five years of experience in client relationship management and accounting.

Vitaly Migunov

Software Engineer, Decentralized Application Specialist

  • Dapps
  • System Development

Vitaly is a full stack developer with more than eight years of experience. His specialty is in building digital infrastructure systems, blockchain, token design and initial coin offering systems.


Based in Estonia with roots in Japan, our team consists of programmers, engineers, designers, mining experts, and financial specialists. The team, which has a diverse and multicultural background, is spread out over Europe and Asia in cities including Tallinn, Tokyo, and Ho Chi Minh City.